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Canandaigua City Council approves emergency spend on failing wastewater treatment line

Canandaigua City Council voted earlier this month to authorize a budget transfer to take care of some emergency repairs at the wastewater treatment facility.

According to city officials, on August 28 the plant’s chief operator said the grit line failed for the second time in just a few days. The rupture was encased somewhere under the building in concrete, and could not be patched.

“The pipe has essentially been sandblasted from the inside out for the last 43 years,” Michelle Hess, chief plant operator said in a letter to the city’s public works director. That letter was discussed at city council’s meeting. “Further, as much is encased in concrete, the limestone in the concrete has also been corroding the pipe from the outside in. Much of the components are underground. We couldn’t just regularly inspect the pipe and identify the need before it became a problem.”

With environmental permit violations on the line, City Manager John Goodwin authorized an emergency purchase, noting the repairs required immediate action. City Council approved the budget amendment of $30,500.

The repair was completed Friday, September 2.