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Walmart: New savings tool for Walmart+ members and investment updates that might impact your shopping

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Walmart has launched a new rewards system for Walmart+ members.

Walmart makes new investments and new rewards program

The company is also celebrating a milestone with GoLocal and a new investment with Sustainable Beef.

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Walmart+ membership

Walmart+ aims to provide benefits and services to their members and continue to evolve with customer needs. A new member perk is being introduced as most consumers are trying to be more mindful of their budgets. Walmart Rewards is the new perk that has compounding value.

Walmart Rewards is a new and easy way for Walmart+ members to save more. After a few shopping trips or online orders, members will start to accumulate awards. For example, if you have generated $10 in rewards and apply them at checkout towards a $25 dollar purchase, you will only pay $15.

Members can bank their digital rewards in the Walmart wallet in the app and online and use them to save on future purchases in stores and online. There are also some item-specific rewards powered by the Ibotta Performance Network.

Walmart Rewards comes at no additional cost to Walmart+ members and can be used in store or online.

One year celebration of Walmart GoLocal

Walmart is celebrating a major one year milestone GoLocal after their initial launch in August 2021. One million deliveries have been made through the service. GoLocal provides food delivery services to small and medium-sized grocery stores and other local businesses. Now, the program ha expanded to include clothing and apparel, automotive, grocery and alcohol, restaurants, consumer electronics, hardware and DIY, floral, warehousing and fulfillment, and delivery orchestration.

Since the start of Walmart GoLocal, the platform has grown to serve clients at thousands of pickup locations and to deliver products in as little as 30 minutes. They are currently on track to have 5,000 locations.

Walmart GoLocal started when GoLocal saw an opportunity to serve retailers that could benefit from the company’s large scale. Walmart GoLocal is focused on helping our clients reach their customers through local delivery. This true for large enterprises looking to find efficiencies and improve coverage and lower costs for delivery or a small business seeking to build their delivery infrastructure for the first time.

GoLocal has been a lucrative additional stream of revenue for the company. This collaboration allows Walmart to leverage its capacity and capabilities to help businesses of all sizes deliver products to customers across the country at a reasonable price.

New investments in Sustainable Beef

Customers are seeking out higher quality meats, and Walmart noticed. This has influenced the decision to invest in a company led by ranchers and beef producers in order to increase their supply.

Walmart is taking a minority stake in Sustainable Beef. There is a plan to open a processing facility in North Platte. It is a small town in west-central Nebraska. They expect to break ground on the project this month and create about 800 jobs. It is expected to open in late 2024.

The exact amount of the investment is unclear, but Walmart will get the majority of beef produced at the facility. This investment will result in a larger, more consistent supply of beef, including better cuts. Customers will see options such as ground beef and steaks like, ribeye, sirloin and New York strip.

Walmart’s investment in Sustainable beef works perfectly with their environmental and social commitments. The company has pledged to protect, restore or more sustainably manage at least 50 million acres of land and 1 million square miles of ocean by 2030.

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