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Where can I buy Krispy Kreme Doggie Doughnuts?

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  • Abbi Aruck 

In honor of national dog day, Krispy Kreme is launching a limited edition line of doggie doughnuts.

The treats will be available soon, but where?

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When are the doggie doughnuts available?

Krispy Kreme has teamed up with the Australia-based pet-treat company Huds and Toke to make the pet-friendly treat. Starting August 26, the doughnut dog treats will be available nationwide. The six-count box will only be available throughout the weekend while supplies last

Are they safe for dogs?

The Doggie Doughnuts are not designed for human consumption. However, they are made with human-grade ingredients. According to Krispy Kreme the treats are made with the following ingredients:

Whole Wheat Flour
Peanut Butter
Canola Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar
Non-Fat Dry Milk
Sodium Bicarbonate
Tapioca Starch
Potato starch
Dried Ground Carob
Guar Gum
Calcium Carbonate
Glucose Syrup
Vegetable Fat
Naturally Derived Color Added
Color Added from – Beetroot, Turmeric

The Doggie Doughnuts are launching on August 26 because it is National Dog Day.

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