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Home » News » Dinosaur foot prints from 113 million years ago appear due to drought in Texas

Dinosaur foot prints from 113 million years ago appear due to drought in Texas

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The weather has seen some drastic changes due to climate change, and now thanks to a drought, dinosaur prints from millions of years ago have appeared.

acrocanthosaurus prints that were seen in Texas due to a drought

The prints can be seen in a riverbed in central Texas.

The drought recently started unearthing warning stones from hundreds of years ago in European rivers that are drying up.

More details about the dinosaur foot prints

According to BBC, the prints belonged to an acrocanthosaurus.

The last time the tracks were seen was in the year 2000 below water and layers of sediment.

These tracks are located at Dinosaur Valley State Park and are one of the greatest preserved tracks still existing in the world.

The drought has made them even more visible, and the state of Texas is currently suffering a drought covering 87% of the state.

That 87% is suffering one of the most serious drought categories which includes severe, extreme, and exceptional.

The river that holds the dinosaur tracks has almost completely dried out due to the dry, hot summer.

These specific tracks are known as the Lone Ranger Trackway.

The trail has about 100 feet of tracks from the acrocanthosaurus.

There are 140 tracks in all and 60 of them are visible right now from the drought.

Acrocanthosaurus were around 15 feet tall and had three toes on their feet.

There are other tracks in the park as well, belonging to the Sauroposeidon.

The Sauroposeidon species stood at around 60 feet tall when fully grown, weighing around 44 tons.

What else is the drought revealing?

As waters dry up across the globe, aside from dinosaur prints and warning stones, human remains have turned up as well.

Lake Mead is the largest U.S. reservoir and remains have been recovered.

While many are blaming the climate change for the drought, that isn’t the only thing that causes it.

Excess heat in the atmosphere is pulling more moisture out of the earth and making droughts already happening worse.

The globe has risen in temperature since the industrial era started and unless massive changes are made, it will only continue.

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