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Auburn man facing years in prison for violent robbery in city skips court: Bench warrant issued

A bench warrant has been issued for an Auburn man after he failed to appear in Cayuga County Court for sentencing.

Sadiq K. Bonner-Judge, 21, was scheduled for sentencing on Thursday, August 18, but he did not show up. He was set to be sentenced on multiple first-degree robbery charges, as well as an attempted robbery charge, assault charge, and intimidating a victim or witness charge.

Bonner-Judge is represented by attorney Todd Sloan, who was not sure about his client’s location at the time of scheduled sentencing.

Prosecutors say the sentencing date was scheduled at his last court appearance, which happened on April 7 when he accepted his plea.

Now, instead of the five year sentence expected for each robbery charge- those could be expanded. The charges he pleaded guilty to stem from a June 2020 robbery in the city. One person was assaulted inside their city residence, before a small amount of cash was stolen.

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