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Child Tax Credit:2022 rebate checks worth up to $750 going to Connecticut families

Thousands of families in Connecticut will be getting checks worth up to $750 this month.

The rebate is worth up to $250 per child– with a three child maximum.

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Who qualifies for the payment?

The 2022 Connecticut Child Tax Rebate will be sent to qualified recipients beginning in late August. Governor Ned Lamont said that the intention of this rebate is to provide some financial relief to Connecticut families with children. However, the application period closed on July 31.

The Connecticut Department of Revenue received 238,668 applications for the state child tax rebate. Those applications represent 369,863 dependents. It is estimated that between 70%-80% of eligible households claimed the rebate before the application period closed. That means that 74%, or $92.5 million of the $125 million that legislators allocated will be distributed.

In order to receive the payment, single taxpayers or couples filing jointly, can’t have an annual income above $100,000. Those who file as head of household must make $160,000 or less and $200,000 or less for couples filing jointly.

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