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Tax refund: Payments worth up to $650 sent out to Indiana residents in just days

Tax refunds are still going out to Indiana residents.

Eligible applicants can combine refund with relief payment.

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Tax refund update for Indiana residents

Recently, Governor Eric Holcomb signed a bill that will send out payments worth $200 to Indiana residents. State officials estimate that 50,000 checks will be printed each day and 1.7million payments will be sent out in total.

Single filers will receive a payment worth $325 and joint filers will see $650. Many state residents already received their first tax refund, worth $125, via direct deposit. If that applies to you, the $200 will be deposited the same way.

Indiana will also be sending out paper checks to taxpayers, but they have warned that there may be shortages that delay the process. This payment is intended to provide some financial relief from inflation. If your payment seems to be taking awhile you can contact the Indiana Department of Revenue to check the accuracy of your mailing and banking formation.

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