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Savings Tip: TikToker shares her Walmart shopping tips and common mistakes

A TikToker and mom of three shares how she shops at Walmart and spends $85 a week for her three kids.

She also shares her meal planner that helps her to save on groceries.

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Walmart shopping tips

A TikToker and savvy mom shares her tips for saving so much at Walmart. She said that her weekly grocery bill is only $85 and she has three kids to feed! Her budget still allows for treats and snacks too. In her videos she shares her money saving tips and common mistakes to avoid.

She shares the importance of keeping a budget– hers is between $80 and $100 each week. When shopping, try not to get distracted by unnecessary things. The TikToker also keeps an organized meal planner. She plans for six meals each week, leaving one night free for takeout. Here is what she has on one of her recent shopping lists:

  • Alfredo and a veggie
  • Creamy pasta and a veggie
  • Spaghetti and garlic bread
  • Sausage, potatoes and green beans
  • Potato soup
  • Pizza

Under each ingredient listed, she included the price. She ended up checking out from Walmart with 33 items for $74. Since she came in under budget, she added some treats like crackers, yogurt and string cheese– bringing het grand total to $85.

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