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Walmart: Tips to save and avoid overpaying at checkout

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  • Abbi Aruck 

Recently stores–including Walmart were fined for overcharging customers.

That exact thing happened to one TikTokker and now she has shared her tips to avoid overpaying when you checkout.

How to avoid overpaying at Walmart

A TikTokker that goes by the name @brennasbakery went viral for her video on how not to overpay at Walmart. The video has over 310,000 views. Her top tip is to check the prices listed online before shopping in store and watching as you check out.

For example, she noticed that Wilton Chocolates were listed for $2.62 online. When she went to go pick them up they were also listed as $2.62 on the shelf but when she scanned them they rang up $4.00 each. After bringing to the attention of the cashier, they adjusted the price. When she checked out, she noticed that this happened with six other items too.

Her advice is to always compare prices with those online and ask the cashier to adjust the price if there is an error.

Walmart, Target and Dollar General have been fined for overcharging customers

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