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Walmart, Target and Dollar General have been fined for overcharging customers

A warning has been issued after customers at Walmart, Target and Dollar General were found overpaying.

Fines have now been collected from 61 stores.

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Where are customers getting overcharged?

The North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Standards Division has reportedly collected fines from 61 stores that were found overcharging customers. The overcharges happened because of price-scanner errors.

Out of the 61 stores fines were collected from: 33 were Dollar General stores, 19 Walmart locations, and two Targets. It is estimated that more that $300,000 for the price scanning errors.

When you’re out shopping be sure that the price listed for the item on the shelf is the same price that is listed on your receipt later. A store will be inspected if they have more than a 2% error rate on overcharges.

If you notice an overcharge error before leaving the store, bring it to the attention of a manger or customer service representative.

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