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Aldi shoppers turning to other stores as they see price increases

Frequent Aldi customers are starting to seek out other options as prices increase.

One shopper shared that the usual $50 trip for grocery staples recently costed $80.

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Prices are increasing at Aldi

One shopper shared that after a few weeks off of grocery shopping they returned to Aldi to get their usual grocery staples and ended up paying $80 instead of the usual $50.

This shopper noticed that the cauliflower pizzas now cost $7.99 instead of $6.99. They also noticed that a single bottle of sparkling mineral water costs $4.95 in the checkout line fridge. Other shoppers are noticing a shift too. Another shopper shared that if feels like each time they shop, either the price of a product is going up or the quantity is decreasing.

Some shoppers have gone back to shopping at Kroger or Wegmans. People who have bigger families to buy for have mentioned that the wholesale store BJs is another favorite.

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