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Dollar General: Thousands of struggling Americans to get fresh groceries

Dollar General is doing what they can to help struggling families get fresh groceries.

The discount store is working to help people in rural and neglected neighborhoods access fresh groceries.

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Dollar General offering fresh groceries

Dollar General has an operational partnership with non-profit Feeding America. They also made a $1 million donation to help families get groceries for less.

In Little Rock, Arkansas, Dollar General has been looking to provide more healthy food options at ten stores. Currently, more than 2,300 outlets offer fresh produce. Now, it is part of their mission to offer fresh produce at another 10,000 locations over the next few years.

Dollar General wants to help locals in Arkansas in low-income tracts who do not have easy access to supermarkets. The sites that will be newly be offering produce include:

  • 4748 Springer Boulevard
  • 3124 West Roosevelt Road
  • 7501 Mablevale Cutoff Road
  • 15616 Alexander Road
  • 14600 Arch Street Pike
  • 3500 John Barrow Road
  • 12626 Lawson Road
  • 5023 Baseline Road
  • 4701 West 65 Street
  • 9125 Stagecoach Road

Rising inflation costs have forced shoppers to look for cheaper options when they shop, which has led to more Americans shopping at discount stores.

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