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Halftown-led Cayuga faction claims demolished Varick house was not being lived in

UPDATE: requested the Cayuga Nation release the video footage associated with the below images. The request was declined.

The Clint Halftown-led faction of the Cayuga Nation released photos they say depict the interior of the house in Varick that was demolished last week.

Halftown’s representatives claim the photos are evidence the home was unoccupied prior to demolition.

Cayuga statement says Wanda John did not live in Varick house

Statement from Cayuga Nation representative:

“While supporters of Wanda John have falsely claimed that the Varick property was being used as her primary residence, it was confirmed to be vacant in the days leading up to the demolition and had been documented as vacant during periodic checks over the prior year. In fact, since 2012, Ms. John resides in another Cayuga Nation-owned house, which is located on State Route 89 in Seneca Falls, on which she pays no rent.”

Halftown ordered the Varick home and another in Seneca Falls to be torn down. He said they were unoccupied and used for illegal activities, and deemed uninhabitable by a Nation code inspector.

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