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Residents still waiting to get personal items that remain after Gananda apartment building destroyed by fire

There weren’t any injuries reported at Evergreen Hills after a large fire there in early-July.

However, residents are still waiting to gain access to the things that remain in the rubble.

The Evergreen Hills Apartment complex saw one of its buildings heavily damaged in that fire, which broke out during the early-morning hours on an otherwise quiet Saturday.

Multiple departments were called to the fire.

Residents who spoke with News10NBC say it’s been devastating. But, making matters worse, management has not allowed residents to get back inside the property to claim their remaining goods.

Photo of the blaze as the building burned in July.

Tina Loucks, one of the residents there, spoke with News10NBC about residents’ dilemma. “All we’re asking is for somebody to be human and help us,” she said. “Help us regain the property that can be saved.”

Residents are being denied for safety reasons, according to officials there. Management contends they can’t let anyone in and an insurance-approved contractor will be needed to retrieve the personal items.

However, with each passing day residents like Loucks are concerned about the condition of those items. Last week, the management company told News10NBC that they were hopeful a company would be identified in the coming days.