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Home » News » Governor Hochul declares state disaster emergency in response to monkeypox outbreak

Governor Hochul declares state disaster emergency in response to monkeypox outbreak

After multiple agencies and municipalities issued updates late last week on their fight against Monkeypox, Governor Kathy Hochul issued the most stern warning yet.

Hochul issued an executive order declaring a State Disaster Emergency in response to the ongoing monkeypox outbreak.

That order enables the state to respond more swiftly to the outbreak and allows health care professionals to take additional steps that will help get more New Yorkers vaccinated.

“After reviewing the latest data on the monkeypox outbreak in New York State, I am declaring a State Disaster Emergency to strengthen our aggressive ongoing efforts to confront this outbreak,” Governor Hochul said. “More than one in four monkeypox cases in this country are in New York State, and we need to utilize every tool in our arsenal as we respond. It’s especially important to recognize the ways in which this outbreak is currently having a disproportionate impact on certain at-risk groups. That’s why my team and I are working around the clock to secure more vaccines, expand testing capacity and responsibly educate the public on how to stay safe during this outbreak.”

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What does Hochul’s new executive order do?

The order extends the pool of eligible individuals who can administer monkeypox vaccines, including EMS personnel, pharmacists and midwives; allows physicians and certified nurse practitioners to issue non patient specific standing orders for vaccines; and requires providers to send vaccine data to the New York State Department of Health.

The announced order is part of the state’s ongoing response effort to monkeypox, which includes but is not limited to securing more vaccines, expanding testing capacity, and distributing the latest information and resources to New Yorkers.

Earlier this week, Hochul announced that the federal government had secured an additional 110,000 vaccine doses, resulting in a total of 170,000 doses to New Yorkers.

Governor Hochul and the Department of Health are continuing their ongoing coordination with White House, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and the Administration for Strategic Preparedness & Response (ASPR) to ensure that New York continues to receive its fair share of vaccine supply as soon they are available, especially for those New Yorkers in communities with high transmission rates.