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New Pennsylvania child tax care credits could mean $630 payments for families

A $25 million program will grant families payments of $630.

These funds will go to eligible Pennsylvania residents as child care tax credits.

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Who will get payments?

Pennsylvania has a new Child and Dependent Care Enhancement Program. The plan will benefit working families that pay daycare costs, and already qualify for the federal program. Families that qualify will be able to claim the credit when filing state taxes starting in 2023. Homes with an income below $43,000 will be able to get $315 for one child, or $630 for two or more children.

The credit is also available to families that earn more than $43,000– but the benefits is reduced to $180 for one child and $360 if they have two or more children. The bill was approved earlier this month and is expected to benefit nearly 221,000 families in the state. The state child care tax credit is for 30% of the federally approved expense.

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