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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: Felix Felicis (podcast)

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  • Paul Russo 

In this episode Alex Ackerman discusses the 2022 NHL Draft and the start of NHL free agency. Free agency unfortunately didn’t give her much to work with from a Syracuse perspective. However, Alex attempts to take a fair, unbiased, unemotional look at what the Tampa Bay Lightning did for the Crunch over the past few weeks or so. First discussing the largest signing of the Crunch’s July, one that didn’t even happen during free agency, re-signing goalie Max Lagace. She then covers two players drafted by the Lightning, Lucas Edmonds and Nick Malik. Both could be signed soon and then immediately start their professional careers this fall. 

Alex then takes a look at what the Lightning did for themselves for free agency. She also looks at what they did for Syracuse in free agency. Alex compares this summer to last summer and ponders the differences in the two time periods. She also puts out her wish list for the near future.