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Tax rebate of $1,000 available for home security in Chicago

If you’re a Chicago, Illinois resident with security cameras, you could be eligible for a tax rebate by applying.

Tax rebate payment Chicago residents can see for installing a security system outside of their home or business.

The tax rebate is to cover the costs incurred to install outdoor security cameras and is sent as a tax rebate.

The program is called the City’s Home and Business Protection Program and any resident, business, religious temple, and non-profit organization can apply.

The following security measures are covered under the tax rebate

  • Outdoor security cameras
  • One year of cloud storage for video footage
  • Outdoor motion sensor lighting
  • Vehicle GPS trackers
  • Subscription costs

To apply, you must have purchased eligible devices.

If you already owned a security system, you can take a photo of your devices and apply.

You need to be the owner or renter of the property you’ve installed the system for within city limits.

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You may also own or lease a vehicle registered to a primary address in the city.

Documentation proving purchase is necessary, and they should be purchased after June 6, 2022.

A photograph of the installed devices must be submitted.

How much you’ll get with the tax rebate

  • $225 per camera for up to two cameras
  • $150 for one year of cloud storage
  • $100 per light for up to 2 lights
  • $50 per vehicle GPS for up to two trackers
  • $120 for a tracking subscription
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