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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: Summer Calm in TampaCuse Land (podcast)

In this edition of Syracuse Speaks, Alex Ackerman does a rundown of all pertinent AHL, Crunch and Tampa Bay Lightning news going into NHL free agency on July 13. She congratulates the AHL and their front office on a successful Calder Cup playoff. It was the league’s first since 2019. She also sends her congratulations to Chicago, the league’s new champion and to Richard Panik, who won the Cup with the Wolves and who used to play for Syracuse.

Alex then moves onto the “no news is good news” segment regarding Syracuse head coach Ben Groulx and the “will he or won’t he” drama that has marked the first part of the Crunch’s off season. She acknowledges the Lightning’s current Stanley Cup final round against Colorado and mentions how rare it is that Tampa signs players for Syracuse while still playing in the playoffs. Sign they have, however. Alex discusses Gabriel Dumont’s two-year AHL contract and the signing of defenseman Tyson Feist to an AHL contract. Alex talks about the one-year, two-way contracts of defenseman Sean Day and forward Simon Ryfors. She also briefly addresses the departure of Otto Somppi from the organization.

Alex then takes a look at the remaining restricted free agents and potential free agents left in the organization.  Those include Anthony Richard, Alex Green, and Fredrik Claesson.