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South Seneca schools create middle, high school principal positions

The South Seneca Central School District is shaking things up.

The school board opted to create a pair of principal positions for the middle and high school.

These positions will replace the principal and assistance principal positions that oversee all of grades 6-12.

Superintendent Stephen Zielinski says it was about making lines of communication more effective.

“We’ve received a lot of community feedback this spring that our lines of communication aren’t as effective as they used to be, with the principal-assistant principal model spreading both out over seven grade levels,” he said.

The current assistance principal for grades 6-12, Melissa Butler, will become middle school principal. The high school principal position is going to be advertised.

The current principal for grades 6-12, Tim Houseknecht, is coming to the end of his career. He’s still considering his future plans.