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Stimulus checks still going out in some states

Federal stimulus checks acted as a lifeline for millions of Americans as the pandemic ruined jobs and savings accounts.

cash state residents could see thanks to stimulus check payments

While they were intended to help Americans get back on their feet, they may have done more harm than good.

Evidence shows that while it wasn’t entirely due to stimuluus checks, they helped fuel inflation.

Other issues like supply and demand as well as conflict in Ukraine had a hand in inflation as well.

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Stimulus checks from states

Federal stimulus checks have since ended, but many states continue to send their residents checks who need it the most.

California, Colorado, Delaware, and Indiana residents may soon receive stimulus payments from the state thanks to proposals.

In California, residents saw up to $1,200 thanks to the Golden State Stimulus I and II checks.

If you filed your taxes by Oct. 15, 2021 and made $75,000 or less then you’ll see a check.

$17,000 in collective payments available with UBI program in California

In Colorado, Governor Polis will send at least $400 to taxpayers by Sept. 2022.

Delaware is sending $300 to single people and $600 to married couples.

Indiana residents are seeing $125 payments thanks to a budget surplus. Married couples will see $250.

Georgia residents are seeing rebates of $250-$500.

Hawaiian residents are getting $300 if they make less than $100,000, and $100 for those who make more.

Maine is sending one of the bigger payments of $850 to qualifying residents.

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