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$600-$1,000 UBI payments for formerly incarcerated Florida residents

A new UBI program launched in Florida that will be giving formerly incarcerated individuals monthly payments for one year.

cash florida state residents can see from a ubi program for the formerly incarcerated

The program is called Just Income GNV.

Residents in Alachua County that have been in jail will benefit from the monthly payments with no strings attached.

Just Income GNV UBI payments

The goal of the program is to give formerly incarcerated individuals access to funds and eliminate barriers to a successful reentry.

The first payment for the first month will be $1,000.

Payments after that will be $600 per month for 11 more months.

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115 residents will be randomly selected from the applications to receive the payments.

In order to be eligible, you need to be released from either a Florida state prison, federal prison, Florida county jail with a new felony conviction, or have begun felony probation in Alachua County.

There are two groups: recipients and allies.

Recipients will receive the monthly payments.

Allies will be offered paid surveys and interviews with access to administrative records.

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