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$1,000 monthly UBI payments for mothers in Mississippi

A program called the Magnolia Mother’s Trust will be giving monthly UBI payments to 110 Black mothers in Jackson, Mississippi.

UBI graphic

This is one of the first UBI programs that has been around since 2018.

The first year of the program in 2018 gave 20 Black mothers $1,000 payments each month.

The second year was launched in March of 2020 to help 110 mothers.

UBI monthly payments for the Magnolia Mother’s Trust

The goal of this program is to give people the freedom to build their own lives the way they want with cash assistance.

Stimulus payments of $500 for 250 California families

By providing payments without restrictions, families have been shown to pull themselves out of poverty.

Over $10 million dollars from the Economic Security Project has been used to create research on projects that combat poverty, including UBI programs.

Residents who qualify must be Black mothers currently struggling financially.

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