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The Second Impact, Geneva Red Wings host role model night at McDonough Park

The Second Impact and the Geneva Red Wings are sponsoring an “Honor Your Role Model” night Thursday night at the Red Wings game at McDonough Park.

Individuals and groups are invited to bring their role models to the park for a night of baseball. Kids get into the game for free. Those who attend will be eligible for prize drawings between innings, beginning in the fourth inning. Prizes donated by the Red Wings will include a signed Red Wings bat and a signed Red Wings ball.  The Second Impact will be donating official, signed Golden Boy boxing gloves and signed books, “Second Impact, The Ray Ciancaglini Story” by Andy Siegel.  Wegmans and other local businesses have donated gift certificates and other items.

The Geneva Police and Fire Departments, Boys Scouts, and an Ontario County Sheriff’s Department K-9 unit will also have displays at the park.

Second Impact founder Ray Ciancaglini said “I have always felt that being a good role model with good character attributes is lacking in today’s society. I have been active for many years as a character coach for the Geneva High School Football program and have held classes and assemblies at schools, lecturing about what it takes to be a good role model. A role model is someone you look up to and someone you want to emulate.  Good role models have great integrity and a work ethic. They make good choices, they make time to “give back” and they help those in need.  A role model could be your neighbor, a family member, a teacher, a police officer, a fireman, etc.  This will also be a good opportunity for kids who do not already have a role model to meet one at the park where they will have a great cast of role models to connect with.”

Ciancaglini shares his life experience with student-athletes

Ciancaglini is a former professional boxer who founded the Second Impact to raise awareness of head injuries. He has suffered for years from the effects of head injuries after sustaining blows to the head in two boxing matches just a few days apart when he was 16 years old. Ciancaglini now travels the country, speaking to student-athletes.

The Red Wings play the Elmira Pioneers at McDonough Park at 7 p.m.