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Stimulus payments of $500 per month going to some Americans in Minnesota

Residents in Minneapolis, Minnesota will soon be receiving monthly stimulus UBI payments worth $500 if they qualified for the program.

cash Minnesota residents could see from a stimulus ubi payment program

These payments are part of the city’s new UBI program, where instead of one time stimulus checks being sent, they’re monthly payments.

The first payment was set to go out in late spring.

Many Americans in the program do not have bank accounts, but can get one locally if they choose.

UBI stimulus payment program explained

The program will be ongoing from Spring of 2022 until Spring of 2024.

This means for 2 years payments of $500 will be going out once per month.

That’s 24 payments of $500, or $12,000 total.

Maine is automatically sending 200,000 rebate checks worth $850 this week

There are no requirements on how families must spend the money and you aren’t required to report how you’ve spent it.

The money is meant for food, gas, education, car repairs, or any other thing families feel is necessary for their household.

Who gets the UBI stimulus payments?

There are various requirements that needed to be met in order to be chosen to participate in the program.

Applicants must have been at least 18 and show they were negatively impacted by the pandemic.

The annual income for the household must be at or below 50% of the AMI for the city.

Finally, applicants needed to reside in one of these zip codes

  • 55403
  • 55404
  • 55405
  • 55407
  • 55411
  • 55412
  • 55413
  • 55430
  • 55454

13,000 applications were submitted but not everyone could qualify.

Once applications of all qualifying applicants were collected, a randomized process was used to select participants.

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