Maine is automatically sending 200,000 rebate checks worth $850 this week

Maine is sending out another round of rebate checks.


The $850 checks will automatically be sent out this week.

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Who is eligible?

The first round of checks were sent out on June 2, 2022, to 5,000 residents. The rebates have continually been sent since then– up to 200,000 being sent each week.

In order to qualify for the rebate check:

  • income must not exceed
    • $100,000 for individual taxpayers
    • $150,000 for head of household
    • $200,000 for joint filers
  • cannot be claimed as a dependent on another person’s tax return

The rebate is based onĀ  2021 tax returns, which must be filed by October 31. About 858,000 Maine residents qualify for the rebate.

When you’ll get the check, depends on when it was issued. But, you can track your refund here.

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