Palermo chooses Bill Wellman as undersheriff in race for Ontario County Sheriff

Silvio Palermo has selected his running mate.

The candidate for Ontario County Sheriff selected Bill Wellman, a 25 year veteran of the sheriff’s office, to serve as his undersheriff- if Palermo is elected.

“I could not be more pleased than to announced Bill Wellman as my undersheriff,” Palermo said in a press release.

He’s a former Ontario County Sheriff’s PBA President, is still a member of the Executive Board, and has significant knowledge in collective bargaining, according to Palermo.

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“More important, he is respected by all for his measured, fair, and balanced decision making process.”

Wellman is on his second term on the Phelps Town Board where he also serves as deputy town supervisor.

“We have a lot of things to consider as we move the office forward- morale, caused by the resignation of the sheriff, departures of staff and key employees, and general sense of instability are issues that we need to address moving forward,” Palermo added. “I know Bill Wellman will help me fix those things.”

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