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Livingston County honors long-time employees at 25th Annual Recognition Event

The Livingston County Board of Supervisors today recognized several County employees for their many years of public service to the local community.

The Board presented the 20 members of this long-tenured group with commemorative blankets and custom-made crocks to celebrate their 10 and 25 year careers, respectively. The event marked the County’s 25th Employee Recognition Ceremony. Board of Supervisors Chairman David LeFeber said the best-in-class services provided by the County wouldn’t be possible without dedicated public servants performing their jobs well every day.

“These folks are the ones keeping County government moving and working for us all,” said LeFeber. “I’m honored and proud to recognize them on behalf of the Board for their outstanding service to the people of Livingston County.”

Janice Hyde, a registered nurse and the employee health and safety officer at the County’s Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation, said it’s a passion for helping others alongside fellow dedicated professionals that’s led to her 10 year anniversary with the County.

“I am honored and humbled by this recognition,” she said. “It’s really the joy of taking care of our community’s loved ones and families that’s kept me here this long. Thanks to all my coworkers and the kind families that I have worked with. I appreciate you all.”

Corporal Phyllis Applin is in charge of the Civil Division of the County Sheriff’s Office. She’s spent 25 years on the job and said she truly appreciates this recognition from the County.  

“I think the secret to my time with the County is good communication, a positive attitude and being appreciated for your efforts.”

Carla Beckwith is a senior typist for the Office for the Aging’s Senior Nutrition Program. She was recognized for her 10 years as a public servant and said it’s nice to be celebrated at this milestone.

“I go home every day feeling good about the job I do,” she explained. “Working with and assisting the seniors in our community is an honor.”

The County hosted a reception with food and drinks for all honorees in the foyer outside the Board of Supervisors room following the ceremony