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Gas Stimulus: Federal and state gas stimulus plans for 2022

As the cost of gas and groceries only continues to increase, many Americans are hoping for a gas stimulus.

Car getting gas at a fuel pump where Americans are hoping to use gas stimulus payments

March of 2021 was the last stimulus payment.

While a fourth stimulus check is unlikely at this point, many are hopeful Congress will do something about the cost of gas.

In addition to wanting the federal government to take charge, states are trying on their own to help residents with the cost of gas.

Is the federal government sending a gas stimulus?

The Gas Rebate Act of 2022 was introduced in March by Democrat Representatives Mike Thompson, John Larson, and Lauren Underwood.

The plan would sent $100 per month to eligible taxpayers, plus another $100 for qualifying dependents.

Eligibility would depend on factors similar to what was used for the first stimulus checks.

Single filers could not have income exceeding $75,000, while married filing jointly filers could not exceed $150,000.

Stimulus: Is the White House sending fuel assistance payments?

The phase out would start for higher income earners.

This plan has yet to be discussed at the committee level and would need to go through Congress before anyone would see a gas stimulus.

Gas stimulus programs at the state level

Not every state has approved gas stimulus payments. Many states are currently working to pass proposals.

In California, Governor Gavin Newsom is working to pass legislation that would give vehicle owners a gas stimulus rebate.

His proposal includes $400 per vehicle owner, for up to two vehicles.

This plan appears to not be gaining traction, but he has other stimulus payments in the works.

This includes $200 stimulus payments per taxpayer and $200 per child, as well as a $1,500 stimulus payment to hospital and nursing home workers.

North Carolina proposed a $200 gas stimulus payment to all drivers ages 18 and older in the state.

Pennsylvania has proposed cutting the gas tax, which is 57.6 cents per gallon.

While millions are hopeful for a has stimulus, many lawmakers are unsupportive of the idea, fearful it will only make inflation worse.

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