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Stimulus: Is the White House sending gas stimulus payments?

The last time anyone saw stimulus payments from the White House was in March of 2021, and many are now hoping for gas stimulus payments.

gas pump, while gas stimulus checks are being considered by the white house

Since then, prices of gas and groceries have only risen.

Now, more than ever, Americans feel like they really need help with stimulus payments.

Is the White House considering sending a gas stimulus for Americans?

It’s been determined that a fourth stimulus check similar to the first three is unlikely to come from the IRS.

Now, reports are circulating regarding whether the White House will send a payment specifically for gas.

If the proposal is approved, Americans could see gas rebate cards.

According to Value Walk, a discussion was had with the White House about sending gas cards, or gas stimulus payments.

Payments for caregivers and parents each month worth $450

An unnamed aide made the report, saying that many, including Democrats, were against the idea of sending more money to Americans.

The idea was eventually shelved.

Another issue was that the IRS would be responsible for sending the money, and they’re already spread thin.

Though the idea was shelved, it seems it’s still being revisited.

The Biden Administration appears to be considering sending gas stimulus rebate cards to qualifying Americans.

This comes as gas prices reach over $5 per gallon across the nation.

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