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Cayuga Nation will open casino, cannabis dispensary in Seneca Falls

The Cayuga Nation is building a casino in Seneca Falls.

Finger Lakes Daily News reports that Cayuga Nation spokesperson Maria Stagliano confirmed the plans last week.

The Nation currently operates a casino in Union Springs, Cayuga County.

Stagliano addressed the Board of Supervisors at a meeting in June, pointing out that they contribute to the region’s tourism success.

Local lawmakers have a long-standing feud with the Nation over unpaid taxes. The Nation contends that they do not need to pay taxes.

The Nation will also be opening a cannabis dispensary at the former produce stand at the intersection of State Route 89 and Bayard Street Extension.

The town of Seneca Falls recently created a committee to handle local cannabis operations, but the Nation operations have long avoided local, municipal scrutiny due to its status.

Credit: Greg Cotterill, Finger Lakes News Radio.