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Child tax credit payments changed for Colorado, parents can claim in 2023

The child tax credit, or CTC, impacted millions of struggling Americans in 2021, and now states are creating their own credit.

cash colorado residents will see from the colorado child tax credit

One of these states who have created an entirely new program is Colorado.

The CTC is following a similar structure to the federal child tax credit, and will be able to be claimed in 2023.

What is the federal CTC?

The federal CTC is a tax credit that can be claimed on your federal tax returns.

Last year in 2021, parents could get the first half of their estimated CTC in six monthly payments.

These went out from July through Dec. of 2021.

The rest was able to be claimed this year in 2022 on 2021 tax returns.

2022 Child Tax Credit: Who is eligible for $2,000 payments?

What is the Colorado CTC?

The Colorado child tax credit works similarly to the federal credit.

Residents can claim it on their 2022 state tax returns starting in Jan. 2023.

There are income requirements in order to qualify.

Residents of the state will qualify if their income is $75,000 single or $85,000 married filing jointly.

The child must be under the age of 6 as of Dec. 31, 2022 to qualify for the child tax credit.

If children under the age of 6 would normally qualify for the federal credit but have no Social Security number, they can qualify for the Colorado credit.

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