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Stimulus plans in California could send $200 tax rebates to residents

A new plan has been approved by lawmakers in California that could send $200 stimulus tax rebates to residents.

stimulus checks and tax rebates California residents could see

The budget plan was passed by the state’s Senate and Assembly that would benefit taxpayers by $300 billion.

$8 billion of these dollars will go toward tax rebates.

Eligibility for the stimulus tax rebates

This plan does include income limits for residents.

Single filers cannot make over $125,000 annually.

Married filers cannot make more than $250,000.

Pennsylvania has $2.2 billion to spend

For the Golden State Stimulus programs, filers couldn’t make over $75,000.

4.5 million Golden State Stimulus I and 8.4 million Golden State Stimulus II checks were sent, according to The Sun.

Whether dependents can be claimed and if there will be a limit has not been shared.

What other stimulus plans are there for California?

Governor Gavin Newsom has not yet signed the budget and given it his approval.

Under his plan, residents with registered vehicles could get $400 checks for gas.

Each driver would be limited to two vehicles, or $800.

These rebates would have been sent with prepaid debit cards, but lawmakers worried about fraud.

For example, people could easily steal these out of other’s mailboxes, which happened over the last year.

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