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How much will New York’s new ‘fee’ on paint purchases cost? A full breakdown of ‘Paintcare’

What is a ‘Paintcare Fee’ and why are they appearing on shoppers receipts when shopping for paint at the home improvement store?

News10NBC investigated after a shopper noted a $0.95 charge on a receipt. The customer bought paint- and sure enough- the charge was there.

It has to do with the state’s creation of the Postconsumer Paint Collection Program. The goal was to make it easier for homeowners to get rid of leftover paint.

The fee though, is intended to help make it easier to get rid of the paint.

Paintcare is a non-profit that represents paint manufacturers in states with similar programs. They establish drop-off sites to handle leftover or wasted paint.

There are 200 drop off sites across the state. And the money collected from the fees go directly to the effort. It’s not a tax, so the state never sees the money.

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