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Where families who need food stamps the most are from

Food stamps and SNAP have been more sought out by families since the start of the pandemic, as well as education on low income assistance.

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Now more than ever Americans are finding themselves in need of help as they work to overcome health issues and job loss caused by COVID-19.

A major way many families were able to come to terms with this was by applying for food stamps.

Millions already collected food stamps before the pandemic, but as families faced uncertainty and economic hardship, it made more sense.

As inflation continues to rise, families are spending an average of $311 more per month on essentials, according to 24/7 Wall St.

In 2020, one out of every ten households was found to be collecting benefits.

A household’s income mostly determines what a family will see in monthly benefit payments.

States with higher rates of poverty will see more households receiving SNAP benefits.

Using SNAP recipient rates for all 50 states, poverty rates, median household incomes, and unemployment rates, 24/7 Wall St. has determined states with the most and least households on food stamps.

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States with the least amount of people on food stamps

Wyoming comes in at number one for the least percentage of households collecting food stamps, with 5.3%.

The second state with the least amount of people collecting benefits is Utah, at 6.2%.

New Hampshire comes in third at 6.4% of households on SNAP benefits.

Fourth is North Dakota, with 6.6% of households on food stamps.

Kansas is the fifth state with the least amount of families with SNAP benefits at 7.2%

States with the most amount of people with SNAP benefits

The fifth highest state with people collecting SNAP benefits is Rhode Island, with 14.8%.

Fourth is Oregon, with 15% of families residing in the state currently collecting SNAP benefits.

The third highest state to have the most families on food stamps is Louisiana at 15.3%.

Second is West Virginia, with 16.5% of households on SNAP benefits.

Finally, the state with the highest percentage of residents on food stamps is New Mexico, at 17%.

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