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What to buy and what not to buy at Walmart

Grocery prices are going up, and we are all looking to save.

Walmart shopping

You can find some of those savings at Walmart, but there are also products you’ll want to avoid.

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Things to consider

Grocery prices are being impacted by inflation, but most of our paychecks are staying the same. That creates pressure on consumers to make the most of our dollar. Resisting impulse buys, collecting coupon codes, and keeping tabs on which store have sales could help you save.

In most cases getting groceries at Walmart is fine, but there are some situations where you may have better savings options. Take a look at the unit price for clues. The item may cost more up front, but be sure to look at the price per unit.

Things to buy at Walmart

  • products that are specific to your diet
  • generic brands
  • exclusive flavors
  • big-name health foods

Things to avoid from Walmart

  • produce
  • maple syrup
  • organic milk
  • Great Value items
  • rotisserie chicken

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