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Dollar General: Major changes and new locations are coming

Dollar General has been making some major changes this year.

Dollar General

The company capitalizes off low prices to attract and maintain customers.

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What changes are coming?

Dollar General has started advertising their $1 prices to keep up with their competitors. They also plan to position the $1 items more strategically and with better signage. Locations will be adding self-checkouts and plan to eventually phase out cashiers altogether.

Stores with only self-checkouts are currently rolling out at 200 locations over 2022. There is yet to be confirmation on which stores are piloting the exclusively self-check out model.

Dollar General currently has 18,356 locations across the US and at 8,000 of those locations, self-checkout is already an option. The company hopes to expand that to 11,000 by the end of 2022.

Associates at Dollar General will still have jobs at the store, just not as a cashier. There will actually be plenty of locations looking for employees, seeing that the company plans to open an additional 1,110 stores this year. In the first quarter of this year, 239 new Dollar General stores have already opened.

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