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Walmart: Huge delivery update to impact millions of customers- but there is a fee

Walmart customers will soon be able to have their orders delivered via drone.

Walmart delivery update

Drone delivery comes with a $4 fee and isn’t available everywhere yet.

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Where is drone delivery available?

Walmart has started offering drone delivery to some shoppers in Arkansas and North Carolina. This is through their partnership with DroneUp. Read more about it here.

Walmart intends to launch drone delivery in 34 more locations by the end of the year. This update would allow more than 4 million customers in Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Utah, Texas, and Virginia to have drone delivery.

Thousands of products can be delivered this way for a $4 fee. Because it is a robot, there’s no need to tip either. Orders can be fulfilled at a minimum of 30 minutes. However, you can only get 10 pounds worth of items per delivery.

Orders will be loaded onto drones by Walmart employee. Then, a certified DroneUp pilot will deliver it. Once it has reached the desired location, your package will be lowed to the ground on a cable.

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