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Deadline for $150 gas cards and $50 transit cards is less than a week away

Thousands of Americans will soon get gas and transit cards.

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The cards are being funded through the Chicago Moves program.

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When is the deadline?

The Chicago Moves program will issue 50,000 prepaid gas cards worth $150 and 100,000 prepaid transit cards worth $50. The gas cards are limited to stations within the city.

75% of the cards will go to residents in communities that are known to struggle with transportation costs. The remaining 25% will be distributed citywide. $12.5 million will be given out in transit and gas cards.

Applications opened on April 27, but cards will be distributed May through September. Eligible applicants will then be selected via a lottery system. Drawings will happen the second week week of each month. You can still apply to be included in the June drawing, but you’ll have to act soon.

You can apply online, in person, or by mail. You must be at least 18 to apply. You will receive an email if you have been selected and the card will be mailed to your home.

If you don’t get selected this month, you’ll automatically be entered into the next.

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