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A quick look into the XACT Night Vision Goggles of Elbit Systems

When it comes to the military, specifically the British Army, quality takes precedence over quantity. No matter the situation, it’s crucial for the soldier to have the equipment necessary to tackle their assignment. This is why the UK Ministry of Defence awarded Elbit Systems with a contract for the XACT Night Vision Goggles in June 2021.

The first tranche of the XACT Night Vision Goggles was delivered with only a lead time of a few months, which showcased the company’s flexibility and adaptability. They were able to respond right away to the needs of the army, offering one of their best products as a result.

That said, what makes this particular brand of night vision goggles so unique that the British Army would contact Elbit UK for their products? Let’s take a closer look.

Maximised mission efficiency

One of the reasons why the goggles are so effective is due to their size and weight with their helmet-mounted configuration. Despite the compact size, the capabilities of the goggles have been drastically improved compared to previous versions, resulting in maximised efficiency in dark conditions. The size and weight also allow the night vision goggles to be used effectively, whether mounted or dismounted.

A brand of excellence

Elbit Systems is well-known for its high tech roles in the defence, aerospace and rail sectors. In fact, other members of the XACT family are already in use by a number of NATO countries, which means the XACT Night Vision Goggles are just one of many that have proven themselves as an effective tool for military exercises.

Unprecedented situational awareness

Night vision goggles are standard tools of armies all around the world due to their ability to provide situational awareness in limited visibility conditions. In the case of the XACT Night Vision Goggles, it aims to offer unprecedented situational awareness, giving the wearer all the information that they need to follow their task and get the job done.

To get an advantage on the battlefield, it’s crucial to acquire targets as soon as possible, which is why night vision goggles are so vital in military exercises. The British Army made the right choice when they ordered the goggles from Elbit, as it was well-received by the army. 

Primary features

As stated above, the goggles are known for being extremely lightweight despite improved capabilities all across the board. It boasts overall improved user safety, extended usage time, and limits neck stress. It has unprecedented image quality, boasting high resolution and clear images in low visibility conditions. The goggles were built for extended service life, ensuring that it lasts as long as possible while still retaining optimum efficiency.


It’s crucial for any army around the world to have the best possible equipment in adverse conditions. Night vision goggles are essential in such situations, and the XACT Night Vision Goggles exceed expectations. Despite the lightweight design, its capabilities are among the best available today, which is why it was chosen specifically by the British Army.

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