Fourth Stimulus Check: Americans seeing payments from their state

Americans have been struggling financially, and many wanted a fourth stimulus check from the federal government following the first three.

fourth stimulus check some people will see from their state

Unfortunately it does not appear that there will be a fourth federal stimulus check.

While this isn’t ideal, millions of Americans are set to see a payment from their local state government.

Which states are sending a fourth stimulus check to Americans?

There are many states opting to send their residents some form a stimulus payment.

It could be in the form of a tax rebate, or a one time payment to offset the crippling rate of inflation.

Georgia is sending residents a stimulus check based on their filing status.

Stimulus: Up to $850 being sent in 11 states

Single filers will see $250, head of household filers will see $375, and joint filers will see $500.

This money is not coming from the American Rescue Act, but instead the state’s surplus budget.

Alaskans will also see a fourth stimulus check worth $3,200.

This is part of the dividend residents are owed every year from oil revenue.

The stimulus part is a $650, one time payment to offset the rising energy costs.

Maine will send $850 payments to its residents to offset the costs of gas and groceries as well.

Some states are sending a fourth stimulus check in the form of a work bonus for those who were front line workers during the pandemic.

Massachusetts is giving out a $500 bonus check to 330,000 workers.