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Stimulus: 3 cities and states sending up to $1,000 bonuses

There are thousands of Americans who will soon see bonus stimulus checks from their employers as inflation continues to rise at a rapid rate.

stimulus check and bonus cash some workers may see

These bonuses are subject to tax and given to employees as an added bonus to their salary.

Some places even offer sign-on bonuses for those looking for gainful employment.

Here are 3 cities and states sending bonus stimulus checks to employees

Minnesota is sending stimulus checks to workers under a plan that costs around $500 million dollars.

Each person can expect roughly $750.

This is for front line workers that risked health and safety during the pandemic.

Stimulus: Eligibility for $1,000 checks

In order to be eligible, workers need to have been employed for at least 120 hours in the state in a front line position.

Employment must have been between March 15, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

If couples were both employed in direct patient care, their income cannot exceed $349,999.

Individuals income cannot exceed $175,000.

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Many may see $3,200 payment is legislation passes proposal

You will need to apply for the bonus when applications open.

August, Georgia is paying their front line workers a bonus of $500 for full time city employees and $250 for part time.

If you were working in public safety, garbage collecting, or other public facing jobs, you’ll see double the bonus.

Connecticut has approved a budget that would award stimulus bonuses to employees but details haven’t been released.

If the bill goes ahead, frontline workers could see bonuses between $200 and $1,000 each.

Part timers could see $500.

Whether this provision made it into the 2023 budget is unknown.

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