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Child Tax Credit: $750 available to thousands

Eligible families will soon be able to collect child tax credit payments worth up to $750 in one state.

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The credit is part of Connecticut’s budget bill which was just signed by Governor Ned Lamont.

There are $600 million dollars worth of tax cuts in the budget.

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Who can apply for the child tax credit payment?

Anyone that qualifies can see a potential $250 per child, and can claim a maximum of 3 children.

There are income requirements in order to qualify for the payments.

If you are single or file separately, you cannot make over $100,000.

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Who can claim the new credits with GetCTC?

Those who file as head of household cannot have an income that exceeds $169,000.

Finally, married filing jointly couples cannot make more than $200,000.

Those with higher incomes could see a reduced child tax credit.

Applications will begin being accepted on June 1, 2022.

They must be submitted by July 31, 2022.

Rebates will start being sent in mid August of this year.

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