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Social Security payment schedules

Are you unsure of when your Social Security check may be arriving? The SSA releases a payment schedule every year for Americans to follow.

social security card with cash representing benefits like SSI

Your benefit checks are sent based on which program you’re getting benefits from.

In addition, things like your birthday may matter.

Here is when you can expect your Social Security payments

Your benefit payments will arrive on a Wednesday each month.

Payments are sent on the second, third, and fourth Wednesday of every month.

Which Wednesday yours is sent depends on your birthday.

Can you apply for SNAP and SSI at the same time?

If your birthday is between the first and tenth of any given month, you’ll see your check the second Wednesday of each month.

Those with birthdays between the 11th and 20th can expect checks on the third Wednesday of every month.

Finally, anyone with a birthday on and after the 21st can expect checks on the fourth Wednesday of each month.

SSI and Social Security

People that started getting Social Security before May of 1997, or those who get both SSI and Social Security have different payment dates.

You will see your payment on the third day of every month.

You will see your SSI payment on the first day of every month.

If those days are on a weekend, you’ll see payments on the Friday before.

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