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SSI: How long before you receive back pay

Some people apply for SSI when they need the funds, and waiting can be stressful. You might not know when the backpay will arrive.

social security card with cash for benefits like ssi

Once you’re approved for your claim with the Social Security Administration, you should start to see your payments.

This may also happen if you file an appeal and win.

SSI back pay explained

If you’re waiting for your application to be processed by the SSA, you will get payment for the time it took if approved.

This can be weeks, months, sometimes even years.

Back pay normally happens when the person who applied files an appeal after being denied.

Some states pay up to $120 extra each month

If you were made to wait for a long period of time, you could expect the payment to be even bigger.

The back pay will cover the time between your application and the date you were approved.

How SSI back pay is paid

The payment is sent in three lump sum installments.

When you start getting your SSI payments, you’ll see the first third of your back pay within a few months.

The second payment is six months later.

The final payment is six months after the second payment.

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