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Tax Refund: Where is my refund?

Many families who have already filed their taxes before the deadline may still be waiting on a tax refund, and they want to know when to expect it.

tax return forms for a tax refund

The deadline for filing tax returns was April 18, 2022.

For the last two years the IRS extended the deadline, but this year it was around the normal time.

As of the last update from the IRS, there are 9.6 million returns that still need to be processed.

The average refund is around $3,263 for 2022.

Stimulus: $800 available to some

Track your tax refund

If you filed electronically, you can check the status of your refund 24 hours after submitting your return.

You need to have your SSN or ITIN with your filing status and refund amount.

You can put this information into the IRS Where’s My Refund tool or the IRS2GO mobile app.

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When will I see my tax refund?

Refunds are usually sent within 21 days of filing, but there could be delays.

This amount of time is for electronically filed tax returns.

If you filed by paper, it could be up to 42 days.

If you filed as an injured spouse claim, it could take another 14 weeks to be processed.

Errors, waiting until the last minute, and bank times may add a delay.

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