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Stimulus: $800 available to some

Americans in one state have just two weeks for filing their state tax returns to get a stimulus payment worth up to $800.

stimulus check with cash

The stimulus payments are in the form of a tax rebate and are slated to go out to 3.1 million state residents.

Single filers will see $400 while married filers will see $800.

Stimulus: $850 checks to be sent in June

The goal is to provide financial relief to residents and help offset the burden of inflation.

The latest rate of inflation released for the month of April was 8.3%.

Eligibility for the stimulus payment

In order to qualify, you must be a resident in Colorado full time.

Your refunds are based on your 2021 state tax returns.

In order for them to be considered, they must be filed by May 31, 2022.

What is New York’s DPAL program and do I qualify for it?

This leaves about two weeks for taxes to be filed.

Checks are expected to go out in August or September.

Whether they’ll go out in batches is still unknown.

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