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Social Security: How do I replace a lost card for my child?

The Social Security Administration runs various programs, and also handles all things Social Security card related.

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If you or a child loses a Social Security card, you can always get a replacement.

You just need to follow the steps laid out by the SSA.

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How to replace a child’s lost Social Security card

There are steps you must take to replace a Social Security card for a child.

First, you need to prove the child’s identity, citizenship, or immigration status.

Next, you need evidence for filling out the application on their behalf.

Benefits: You can apply for food stamps and SSI all at once

This means you must prove your identity and relationship to the child.

You also need to sign the application on the child’s behalf.

If you’re mailing the application, you don’t need to send original documents for yourself.

This is only if the child is a U.S. citizen.

Next you’ll fill out the form entirely.

You can then contact your local Social Security office to see how to submit it.

The child’s documents must be original copies.

Any documents mailed will be returned by mail with a receipt.

As soon as the SSA receives all information, you should see a replacement card within two weeks.

You may not need a replacement card in most cases, until the child wants to get a job.

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