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SYRACUSE SPEAKS: Looking Towards Game Five with Jim Sarosy (podcast)

Alex Ackerman and Syracuse Crunch Chief Operating Officer Jim Sarosy chat about all things Crunch.  They lookback at how far the team has come since the AHL shut down in March of 2020 and a season without fans in 2020-21. The two highlight how strange it’s been to have a lack of interaction between the organization, fans, players, and sponsors. They also celebrate the return of fans to the arena and the necessary escapism hockey allows. Jim runs through all of the logistics, changes, and challenges the team has faced over the past year, but never allows the amazing reality of the present day to fade too much, “we’re here on May 15th. We made it to this date so far. The fact that we came from there to here is what I’m most proud of. We’re still doing what we set out to do.”

Alex and Jim spend some time conversing about one of the big splashes the organization was able to achieve in 2021-22, the theme jerseys worn throughout the season. Alex specifically makes sure to highlight her favorite, the Al the Ice Gorilla throwback jerseys. The design was based off of the former mascot and Jim gives fans of that design some really good news for the 2022-23 season. The two then discuss the Laval series, fan attendance, and the how former Crunch players Danick Martel and Cedric Paquette have done such a great job against Syracuse.

Jim acknowledges the challenges of selling tickets for Tuesday’s game 5 with such a short turnaround but expresses confidence that the Syracuse faithful will show up, be loud, and support their team. Alex ends the episode with a short look at Game 5 and some of the big headlines going into the contest, including the injury Syracuse goalie Max Lagace suffered during game 4 and how the Tampa Bay Lightning could end up shorting the Crunch a player or two sooner rather than later.