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Stimulus: $500 refund supported for Missouri residents

A new stimulus tax rebate plan supported by the Senate in Missouri could bring residents checks worth $500 per person.

cash residents could see for a stimulus check

The plan is to help residents deal with the rising costs of inflation.

While the plan seems to be supported thus far, there still needs to be a vote by the House and Governor Mike Parson.

Who is eligible for the stimulus refund?

Individuals earning under $150,000 and married couples making under $300,000 with qualify.

Individuals will see payments worth $500 while married couples will see $1,000.

Refunds may be prorated to stay under a $500 million cap.

Stimulus: 5 payments set to go out in May worth up to $1,200

The House has a similar proposal with no income requirements and a $1 billion dollar cap before the payments are prorated.

To be eligible, residents must have paid taxes.

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